Pasta Planes - cleared for takeoff!

This is a lot of fun, and you end up with a great-looking model (not really a play thing).

What you will need:
There are no rules about what types of pasta you get, but of course the more shapes you have to work with, the
more stuff you can make. I recommend starting with manicotti, lasagna, rigatoni and fettucine. If you can find
wagon wheels, they make very good landing gear.
I used a hot glue gun, and I recommend it strongly, because it dries so much faster than white glue.

What you will do:
Glue the manicotti to the center of a lasagna noodle. To make a biplane, glue an upright rigatoni on each side
of the lower lasagna wing, then add another lasagna noodle for the upper wing.Now, add a tail fin. Break a fettucine noodle into three equal lengths (about 2 inches). Glue them to the top of the manicotti. Glue one rigatoni to the fettucine base.

To finish the nose of the plane, glue a shell or elbow macaronis over the open end of the manicotti. Now make
a propeller by gluing on several short pieces of fettucine (or one bow tie pasta).
It’s time to attach the landing gear. A single wagon wheel holds up the front of the plane, and a pair of wagon
wheels (or one rigatoni) brings up the rear.

You can get a low-temperature hot glue gun at any craft store. Check out Michael’s, Home Depot and Dollar General.
Take a little time to practice with it if you haven’t used one before. They can be tricky!